Annual Report 2017-18


2017-18 for the first year for the Foundation's operations. In the first year the foudation management asked its members on what needs to be done and the members identified quality and stability as a key goal. Mr Jay Srinivasan, a seasoned community member, volunteered to be the CEO and it was decided to hire a bunch of developers to achieve these goals.

Four developers were hired under the foundation and UI side tests were added with these developers. After the tests were done, there were no other projects that these developers could work on and the process of hiring and managing developers was discontinued.


The main sources of income were memberships and the conference tickets. The income was as follows:

  1. Memberships - Rs 25.17 lakh | $ 36k
  2. Conference - Rs 3.37 lakh | $ 4.81k

The key expenses of the foundation can be summarized as follows

  1. Projects - Rs 3.07 lakh | $ 4.4k
  2. Conference - Rs 4.81 lakh | $ 6.9k
  3. Developers - Rs 9.65 lakh | $ 13.8k

The foundation ended with a net profit of $8.2k

Financial Statements


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