Annual Report 2018-19


At the end of the last financial year, Jay decided to step down as a volunteer CEO since he was unable to devote time due to his professional engagements. The directors decided to approach Basawaraj Savalagi, an ERPNext implementation professional at SELCO, who had indicated his interest in leading the foundation. Hence Basawaraj was brought on full time as a CEO.

One of the first thing Basawaraj did, was to talk to individual members to understand their expectations from the foundation and their vision for the community. In his experience, he found that members also did not have a very clear vision of what they wanted from the foundation and were happy with the branding support that they got as official members. Members were also happy to be supporters of the open source vision and the foundation gave them a way to make a contribution.

During both the 2017 and 2018 conferences, the lack of contributions from the broader community were pointed out and the role of the foundation was heavily debated. While many people had shown interest in foundation "governance" but without lack of strong contributions, it was not clear how the members could help the foundation.

Reboot Again

The board decided to do another reboot and Basawaraj quit as the Foundation CEO in 3 months as there was no clear role for him in the foundation.

In early 2019, it was decided to spend the foundation funds to support internships and projects from community members which were not client funded. To this effect, the foundation has contracted with Karthikeyan, Prssanna and Saif to make contributions in co-ordination with the board.

Their contributions can be tracked by the "foundation-funded" label on GitHub and also via the Projects Listing


The main sources of income were memberships and the conference tickets. The income was as follows:

  1. Memberships - Rs 26.29 lakh | $ 38k
  2. Conference - Rs 5.55 lakh | $ 8k
  3. Interest - Rs 1.11 lakh | $1.6k

The key expenses of the foundation can be summarized as follows

  1. Projects - Rs 7.78 lakh | $ 11k
  2. Conference - Rs 6.07 lakh | $ 8.7k
  3. Developers - Rs 2.87 lakh | $ 4.1k

The foundation ended with a net profit of $13.1k (provisional)

Financial Statements (Provisional)