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Cost of ERP is an Asset, Not an Expense

ERP Cost is an Asset Not an Expense. Anything and everything you invest in your business must offer you a return

Liyakat Lal November 26, 2018

ERPNext Documentation Sprint Learnings

A documentation is what keeps a product alive in a long run!

Umair Sayed November 8, 2018

ERPNext Implementation at Raissyon Group

Raissyon Group, a KSA based industrial products distributors who implemented ERPNext in just two weeks.

Umair Sayed July 30, 2018

ERPNext Implementation at MahaOnline Limited

Government Organizations are established mainly with the purpose of serving the citizens. 

Pawan Mehta May 30, 2018

Muqthar, The Champion of ERPNext & Life

Muqhtar, a differently-abled ERPNext champion who implemented ERPNext for a group of companies.

Umair Sayed May 21, 2018

Top 10 ways to contribute to ERPNext if you are not a developer

Different ways you can contribute to ERPNext and the community if you are not a developer

Basawaraj Savalagi May 11, 2018

ERPNext Community: Building the Healthcare Module

How the open source model let the Earthians build and contribute to the healthcare ERP module in ERPNext.

Kenneth Sequeira April 27, 2018

Taking ERPNext to Jakarta and East Asia

Experiences from a wonderful trip to Jakarta, Indonesia for an ERPNext Training

Rushabh Mehta February 24, 2018

Who are We?

An attempt to define the ERPNext Community and Values

Rushabh Mehta December 25, 2017

Reflections on a very successful ERPNext Europe Conference in Frankfurt

Reflections on a very successful ERPNext Europe Conference in Frankfurt

Rushabh Mehta March 31, 2017