Why pay licensing fee when you have open source?

This is not exactly a blog about open source vs. closed source ERP and why?

Pooja Bedi November 2, 2018

Objectives of the foundation

Objective of our foundation and the purpose. Potential donors and why they donate? Expected growth in donations.

Revant Nandgaonkar February 14, 2018

Charity for Free and Open Source Software

Free, Open Source Software and Charity

Revant Nandgaonkar January 22, 2018

The ERPNext Foundation Crossed $50,000 Milestone

Less than a year since creation, the ERPNext Foundation has crossed $50,000 in membership subscriptions.

Kenneth Sequeira January 17, 2018

How to Contribute Back to ERPNext

Ways in which you can contribute back to ERPNext eco-system.

Umair Sayed October 30, 2017