ERPNext Documentation Sprint Learnings

A documentation is what keeps a product alive in a long run!

Umair Sayed November 8, 2018

ERPNext Implementation at Raissyon Group

Raissyon Group, a KSA based industrial products distributors who implemented ERPNext in just two weeks.

Umair Sayed July 30, 2018

Muqthar, The Champion of ERPNext & Life

Muqhtar, a differently-abled ERPNext champion who implemented ERPNext for a group of companies.

Umair Sayed May 21, 2018


How ERPNext helps you to tackle VAT in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Umair Sayed February 16, 2018

Community Talks from ERPNext Conference 2017

ERPNext Conference is a yearly event where the ERPNext community members meet, discuss, and give talks on their ERPNext experience.

Umair Sayed November 15, 2017

Developers Talk from ERPNext Conference 2017

ERPNext Conference 2017 includes many live coding session in which new features were developed from scratch and contributed to the core repo

Umair Sayed November 14, 2017

How to Contribute Back to ERPNext

Ways in which you can contribute back to ERPNext eco-system.

Umair Sayed October 30, 2017

Making ERPNext Help Videos with Scripting

How we upgraded to automation of help video creation for ERPNext.

Umair Sayed August 26, 2017