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Integrate ERPNext with Cpanel/WHM

0.0 of 500.0

$ 500.00

Hi All, Looking for someone to make ERPNext integrated with Cpanel/WHM within the same server. It should be managed within WHM for any ERPnext configurati ...


Multiple Customer Account Statements

0.0 of 500.0

$ 500.00

As per this discussion: Details

Shortcut keys

0.0 of 50.0

$ 50.00

Need to create shortcut keys in Pos


Integration with Propietary Mobile POS Software

0.0 of 500.0

$ 500.00

Hi, We need an erpnext app that integrates our proprietary Android Based POS into the application. The app uses COUCH DB as its database and this is how we want it to fun ...


ERPNext sync to Linnworks app

0.0 of 1500.0

$ 1,500.00 1

Our company needs an a two way inventory and orders data sync between ERPNext with Linnworks. <o:p></o:p> Linnworks is a popular multi-c ...


Sales Return

0.0 of 100.0

$ 100.00

We would like to issue "Return / Credit note" from Sales Invoice and system should automatically issue "Sales Return" from Delivery Note. The system should also change the status of Delivery note ...


Asterisk integration

0.0 of 1000.0

$ 1,000.00 1

We nedd to integrate ERPNext with our Asterisk server


LDAP login failure: LDAP CN field contains Unicode charecters

30.0 of 30.0

$ 30.00

Some users in Active Directory have Unicode characters in their names/last names. This causes LDAP login to fail for those users. Users without Unicode chars can login without any problem. < ...


Website/eCommerce builder

0.0 of 2000.0

$ 2,000.00 1

hI to all, I think is not possiblethat user can’t create a ...



0.0 of 300.0

$ 300.00

Pos profile to be active in sales invoice whether sales invoice is pos or no.


Solve Issue - Unable to filter reports based on Company with User Permission Applied

60.0 of 60.0

$ 60.00 2

Hi, I have confirmed that this is an issue. Set user permission set to Company DT and respective value. When view report ...


Customer credit limits: new feature to include or exclude Sales Orders from calculation

500.0 of 500.0

$ 500.00 8

At present, ERPNext includes Customer Sales Orders in the calculation of the available credit (against the customer credit limit) that the customer has access to. I und ...


Scan using mobile app and Extract Text from Uploaded Files

30.769231 of 500.0

$ 500.00 10

Following features could be added. * Scan files to respective transactions using the mobile. Enhance mobile captured pic (like camscanner a ...


Adaptation of Templates for the use of Apparel Manufacturing industry

0.0 of 1500.0

$ 1,500.00

The Manufacturing module of ERPNext is almost perfect for Apparel Manufacturers, however some enhancements are required to the Template functionality. Styles are the main ...


Ability to set default list view

210.384615 of 300.0

$ 300.00 13

\- User should be allowed to set default listview to saved Report or any other list view \- Report should have standard list sidebar


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