ERPNext Conference 2017, Mumbai

October 12th to 14th

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Better Together

Started more than 10 years ago, ERPNext has come a long way as a project and a viable community. Over the last year we kick started the ERPNext Foundation and the community is more growing and vibrant than ever.

Working together ultimately makes us better. Life on earth evolved from single-cell organisms to multi-celled organisms when some cells started to specialise and co-operate with each other, increasing their chance of survival and growth. Similary the ERPNext community is now coming togther, where by specialization and co-operation, all of us become better.


This conference will be divided in three days. On the first day, we will have a community code sprint, where developers will from groups to work on specific problems. On the second and third days we will have talks focussed on developers and end users. Over this time there will be plenty of opportunity to network with developers, service providers and users across the world.

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The Mysore Association Auditorium,
393, Bhau Daji Road, Matunga (East)
Mumbai – 400 019


Oct 12: Developer Code Sprint
Oct 13: Developer Talks
Oct 14: User + Community Talks


+ 91-22-25155667


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