Patient Medical Record

The maintenance of complete and accurate medical records is a requirement of healthcare providers and is critical in rendering effective, high quality care. ERPNext Healthcare allows you to draw up the treatment history of a Patient anytime by merely selecting the Patient. "Medical Record" button is available in various screens so that you can easily switch to the Medical Record page to view the patient history.

Medical Record automatically keeps track of all Consultations, recorded Vital Signs, Lab Investigations etc. Complaints, Diagnosis etc. captured as part of consultation are easily viewable but to look at the details of other documents, links are provided.

ERPNext Healthcare

Adding notes manually to Medical Record

In the Patient screen Create > Medical Record will allow you to record notes to the Medical Record manually. You can also attach files when doing this, and the Medical Record will display links to the attached file along side the notes. Create > Medical Record button is also made available in the Consultation screen

ERPNext Healthcare

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