Setting Up

Setting up an ERP system is like starting your business all over again, although in the virtual world. Thankfully it is not as hard as the real business and you get to do a trial too!

Implementation requires the implementer to take a step back and set aside some time to do this right. This is usually not a couple-of-hours, after-work kind of a project.


  1. Setup Wizard
  2. Users And Permissions
  3. Settings
  4. Data
  5. Email
  6. Print
  7. Setting Up Taxes
  8. Pos Setting
  9. Price Lists
  10. Authorization Rule
  11. Sms Setting
  12. Stock Reconciliation For Non Serialized Item
  13. Territory
  14. Workflows
  15. Company Setup
  16. Articles
  17. Integrations
  18. Feedback
  19. Setting Company Sales Goal