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Cloud setup + Customization
I am configuring a cloud Erpnext account for a hospital. I want to hire a developer to customize the installation adding doctype's, custom scripts, reports, email alerts. etc.
December 12, 2018 Guatemala
SSN Institutions ( is looking for an experienced Python developer to join our ERPNext development team
SSN Institutions is looking for an experienced Python developer to work full time in the institute with our ERPNext development team. \- Skill Set: \- Python \- MariaDB \- HTML 5.0 \- JavaScript \- CSS & Bootstrap \- GitHub \- You will...
December 11, 2018 India
Attendance machine integration
We have two bio-metric IN and OUT machines with dedicated IPs. We have to integrate those machines with our ERP next. It should automatically retrieve our attendance data once a day. contact me on whatsapp on abobe numbrt for more details.
December 8, 2018 Pakistan
E-commerce Website creation and integration with ERPNext
Need a web developer to enhance the erpnext website to a presentable E-commerce website with all the required features and setups which are aesthetically good. Or create a Fully functional 2 way sync connector for a CMS platform for...
December 5, 2018 Kuwait
Hello, Can you please share what kind of dashboard you have already developed for ERPNext for other clients. i would like to take a look at them. what i need is : 1: Dashboard for my employee to see Projects assigned to them Tasks Daily...
December 2, 2018 United States
Develop API for integrating Chase Paymenttech with erpnext
Need to integrate Chase paymenttech payment gateway with erpnext for our ecommerce solution. Contact with plan to achieve this integration after studying APIs available and provide time estimate.
November 30, 2018 Canada
Online Tender System
any body ready to introduce an online tender system for private huge company the objective is define the tender items/ or project description and send to vendor / the vendor also login to the system and put his price any one can prepare...
November 29, 2018 Saudi Arabia
ERPNext Customization & implementation
Urgent. We need developers to customize ERPNext to suit our requirements . Email me so that we can discuss our requirements. The main modules we are looking at are : 1\. HR 2.Finance 3.Procurement
November 28, 2018 Kenya
ERPNext Installation and setup
We need to setup ERPNext and import data like items , price , employees and set up workflows. All will be done online.
November 27, 2018 Uganda
ERPNEXT implementation on Internal Server
We have ERPNEXT up and running on our internal company server, we want to hire a freelancer to implement all the features and make the complete transition from old system to ERPNEXT
November 19, 2018 India
Immediate requirement for Onsite ERPNext Service Providers at Noida
Immediate requirement for ERPNext (Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail) onsite training and implementation along with Data Migration from Tally. Interested Service Providers contact immediately.
November 17, 2018 India
E-Commerce and Customer Portal Development
We are an importer and distributor of fresh produce and we are looking for a web developer to create an ERPNext website and customer portal so that our customers can view current product availability, prices, place orders, make payments...
November 17, 2018 United States
Customized documents
Hi, I need to customize invoice, delivery note,... according to France régulation. I can provide samples and details of exactly what I need. Later, I will need to developp KPI according to ISO9001. My mail is: alain.giraud@sand-
November 13, 2018 France
ERP customization and implementation
I have a new service company that would like to customize and setup Erpnext. email please your past experience and your contacts on my
November 7, 2018 Bahrain
Stock Issuance per Cost Center
We need somebody to customize a script report so that Stock Issuance value can be categorize per Cost Center and the group total of issuance value. Cost Center will be displayed as Parent-Child in tree format.
November 5, 2018 Philippines
Installed Apps ERPNext: v10.1.64 (master) Frappe Framework: v10.1.56 (master) mankem: v0.0.1 (master) Update system without changing customized content, app.
November 2, 2018 United Arab Emirates
Bootstrap Theme integration into ERPNext
I want to replace the standard theme in ERPNext with a Bootstrap theme. The version of ERPNext is v11. I am not sure what Bootstrap is supported by ERPNext, who ever takes this project should figure this out to be able to select the...
November 1, 2018 United Arab Emirates
Re-designing and migration of Website to ERPNext/Frappe Need better look and feel - Simple, Navigable, Modern, Mobile Compatible Additionally all the existing functionality of the current website is needed. Need SEO enabled pages, Google Analytics Integration
October 30, 2018 India
Erpnext implementer
We are contract manufacturing company looking for someone who can help us to develop item code generator application and production module implementation services in ERPNEXT.
October 27, 2018 India
Collaborative Project Management in ERPNext
Fix the 5 issues in GitHub project frappe/frappe milestone "Collaborative Project Management". Our requirement is that your code quality and contribution process is good. This is why payment will be made in 5 batches (one per issue)...
October 23, 2018 Germany
Create customer scrip for Salary Slip
Create customer scrip to add YearToDate and Month ToDate for Salary Slip
October 21, 2018 Jamaica
Set up an ERPnext installation
A new setup in a remote VPS Ubuntu 16.04 or 18 server.
October 20, 2018 Greece
Calendar view
Need for custom calendar view for custom document type to set personal appointment and get extra appointment from another document and view it in one place
October 16, 2018 Egypt
Integrating Erpnext With SAP
WEB APP OVER SAP We need the following information to be available to the sales team on real time basis on their mobile phones. This information has to be displayed for the dealer code (sales person will input the dealer code) that is...
October 15, 2018 India
Revenue Regnition based on % of Completion
Need to customize ERPNExt to handle Revenue Recognition based on percentage of project Completion Method. This is normally used in construction companies. If you are familiar with the process and have implemented somewhere, please contact us.
October 13, 2018 Tanzania
Item-wise Sales purchased and stock reports
I am looking for customized report of items. Requirement, One form in which we can select sales or purchase or stock or stock movement for item date wise. item must show in total number . just like Item-wise Sales History .
October 11, 2018 Saudi Arabia
Sales/Purchase etc List Customizatio
We seek an experienced developer to make some changes in ERPNext GUI. We need to make some custom reports which are not available by default. To give an example, 1\. We need to add more columns in the Sales invoice list. 2\. We need to...
October 9, 2018 Pakistan
Custom website development
Need a web developer to enhance the erpnext website to a presentable E-commerce website with all the required features and setups which are aesthetically good. Or create a Fully functional 2 way sync connector for a CMS platform for...
October 7, 2018 Kuwait
setting up a self-hosted Multi-tennant instance of ERPNext
We are seeking an experienced developer/Freelancer to work with on our start- up business. The freelancer will assist with setting up a self-hosted Multi- tennant instance of ERPNext via Digital Ocean. The intention for multi...
October 5, 2018 Uganda
Need an experienced ERPNext developer to solve bugs, customize and develop features
Need an experienced ERPNext developer to solve bugs, customize and develop features. Looking for someone that will go long distance with us. Current tasks required: 1\. I have a table which is embedded in a document (child table), for...
October 2, 2018 Israel
custumization ERPNEXT
We are a spain trader Company ( phones ) Looking to do some custumization in erp next some custumezed report and a new sistem of label we also need to custumize how erpnext manage all the stocks
September 27, 2018 Spain
Healthcare EMR for self-hosted ERP for an independent clinic
Hi, We have a clinic at two locations, with a handful of consultants visiting the clinic. We plan to host ERPnext on one of our servers, and require an experienced developer to customize the same for us. Kindly provide your quote and...
September 27, 2018 India
ERPNext Setup and Implementation
We developed an App but would like to upgrade to Ver. 11 and install our app.
September 22, 2018 India
White-label solution customization
We are looking to implement ERP-NEXT for one of our client and it needs to be White labeled. We are looking for a good ERP Next developer who can provide us assistance.
September 20, 2018 India
Setting up System & Process
Hi You need to be fully conversant with erpnext in order to help us set up , implement , customise , train our staff & make sure our systems & processes are strengthened & followed. We are open to hire full time / part time / project...
September 19, 2018 India
Develop a simple app
Develop a simple module to write a hook on crud events - (create and update) that post data to an url whenever customer or invoice data is created or updated. Those have worked on hooks know what I am talking about above.
September 19, 2018 India
Self-Hosted Instance of ERPNext requires Setup in US
We are seeking a service provider to assist us with setting up a self-hosted instance of ERPNext via Docker on our QNAP NAS. This is for a newly formed company so no migration of information is required and end users are familiar with...
September 18, 2018 United States
Setup Self-Hosted Instance of ERPNext
We are seeking a service provider to assist our affiliate company in the UK with setting up a self-hosted instance of ERPNext on a VM or via Docker on their NAS. Please provide time and cost estimate.
September 18, 2018 United Kingdom
Remote ERPnext expert needed for setting up, print form tweaking
REMOTE Job: We are looking for an ERPnext expert who can help us to setup & configure a new installation of ERPnext probably on Amazon Web Services. We want to focus on: \- Simple product management, very few products \- Writing offers...
September 16, 2018 Germany
Bangalore-based ERPNext Freelancer Expert- Bangalore
We are looking Bangalore-based ErpNext expert. We have self-hosted ErpNext instance and have done primary cuamtomization. We are now in implementation phase. We need expert who can train one of our staff member and help us...
September 15, 2018 India
ERPNext Experiance Developer
Need experience developer in ERPNext to have functional knowledge in Manufacturing Module.
September 14, 2018 United Arab Emirates
barcode printing and daily cash close report
barcode printing for products which dont have barcode in super martkets with price , name , bacode . company name, mltiple barcode per product ,cash close report user based and counter based , time etc
September 14, 2018 Kuwait
Self hosted ERP installation
We are interested for installation of the ERP Next software to our self hosted server. Please contact us if you can perform this task along with time and cost. Thank you in advance Regards Kyriakos
September 12, 2018 Cyprus
ERP Consultant
Skills required: 1\. Basic Knowledge of ERPNext flow 2.Data Import from excel 3.Print formats using HTML and Jinja templating 4.Adding and or hiding Custom/standard fields Location:- New Alipore, Kolkata Experience:- 6 -12 months Type:-...
September 6, 2018 India
Setup for manufacturing / service company
We are a small software / service company. We basically buy hardware components, assemble them, deliver them with our software and support setup on site. We know wanna implement ERPNext for our CRM / purchases, production , delivery and...
September 3, 2018 Germany
Upgrade Older version of ERPNext 4.0.1 to ERPNext10X
Dear All, About us, we are, India's best rated packers and movers service provider. We are looking for a ERPNext migration service provider for migrating older version of ERPnext 4.0.1 to latest version of ERPnext 10. Please...
August 29, 2018 India
ERPNext freelancer wanted for app development and migration
I am looking for a freelancer to be available for part time work (10-20 hours a week) to further build out a current ERPNext application. The application is currently working but needs additional tweaking and new features throughout the...
August 28, 2018 United States
Full-Time Developer (remote)
Hi all, looking for a full-time ERPNext developer to work with me on two businesses, one my own and one with a client of mine. I'm looking for someone who can really help me push the boundaries, a few years experience with ERPNext at...
August 27, 2018 Australia
freelance developer from kerala
freelance developer from india
August 24, 2018 India
ERPNext Customisation For Manufacturing Company
We are in need of customisation of ERPNext for a manufacturing company. In particular, we need a solution for the following: 1\. Stock counting as what ERPNext presently offers is too basic for our needs. 2\. POS such that we can add...
August 23, 2018 Nigeria
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