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Frappe Framework ERPNext Developer
Job Description We are looking for a Python Web Developer for Frappe Framework and ERPNext App. Your primary focus will be the development of all server- side, Client-Side Java Script logic, ensuring high performance and responsiveness...
January 22, 2020 United Arab Emirates
ERPNext Developers in Pakistan
Mocha Technologies is Pakistani ERP Service Provider and have been implementing and enhancing Frappe/ERPNext for Pakistani companies. We are looking for full-time developers in Pakistan for adopting and integrating ERPNext better for...
January 21, 2020 Pakistan
(Full-time - Remote) - ERPNext Developers
We are looking for experienced ERPNext developers to work remotely full-time, with the following skillset: ERPNext implementation, Customization, Integration with 3rd party applications, App Development Must have IT degree and proven...
January 16, 2020 Egypt
ERPNext Customizing
We're looking for ERP Next feature development and customizing developer, including programming knowledge. Send your resume at anyone can apply.
January 14, 2020 Saudi Arabia
(Required) ERPNext & Frappe Online Training
Needs: ============ Deep Training on ERPNext & Frappe Framework Development & Archeticture Mandatory Skills: ============ Strong knowledge of Frappe Framework, ERPNext, Python, JavaScript & NodeJs Expertise in developing...
December 30, 2019 Egypt
Hosting customize instance on Digital Ocean
We are looking for an experience ERPnext developer to host our customize instance on Digital Ocean. Please send email to
December 30, 2019 Afghanistan
Arabic Speacking Developer
Looking for a remote developer to work on a full-time job. Arabic is a must. Previous work is a must. please no companies or agencies send cv at
December 29, 2019 Saudi Arabia
Experienced ERPNext Developer Required in Sharjah Office
We are looking for an experienced ERPNext developer for our Sharjah office (its not a freelance job) with following skill set ERPNext implementation Customization Integration with 3rd party applications App Development Must have IT degree
December 25, 2019 United Arab Emirates
Full Time Developper
Full time developper to migrate from SAP B1 to Erpnext with custom module development.
December 19, 2019 Australia
Multiple Payment getway integrated on ERPNext
Hi There! Hope all are doing great, We are successfully integrated multiple payment gateways like "Strip, Moneris, PayPal, CC Avenue, Razorpay, Ex." if anyone has an issue on while integrated the payment solution for your...
December 17, 2019 India
ERP Next Grocery E-commerce Development With Mobile Application
We want to develop a grocery e-commerce website and related mobile applications like consumer mobile app, delivery mobile app and retail store POS application. Please, send your portfolio and CV at .
December 14, 2019 Bangladesh
Update and support
Require Freelancer to upgrade from v11 to v12 and help setup hr and other some other modules. Will also require some reports to be generated and provide support.
December 12, 2019 India
Calculator in ERP Next & Website Integration
Can someone help me to develop Hydraulic Power (in HP) = [ Flow (LPM) x Pressure (Bar) ] / 450 Hydraulic Power (in kW) = [ Flow (LPM) x Pressure (Bar) ] / 495 Furthur it needs to be shown on website as well as on our internal desktop....
December 7, 2019 India
dental module
We are looking for dental module build on erpnext application email contact : please put the subject of email : dental module
December 7, 2019 Bahrain
Erpnext software Developer Mumbai
We want an Erp Next developer with experience in customizing code of Erp Next for a project that needs customization of Erp Next according to clients requirement. Developer with knowledge of Erpnext,NodeJS and Mysql needed.
December 6, 2019 India
Fulltime jobs in erpnext ( Bahrain )
We are offering full-time jobs in erpnext in Bahrain for the following: Erpnext developer Erpnext implementer Erpnext sales man Please share your CV on
December 5, 2019 Bahrain
ERPNEXT theme (Desk) customization with chart and statistic
We have an existing installation of erpnext on our centos server and we need to customize its Desk looks (Admin panel). It can be either via customizing desk script/styles or adding a custom app via Bench (Preferred). I will provide a...
December 3, 2019 Malaysia
Erpnext website development
No Description
December 1, 2019 United Arab Emirates
ERPNext backend Custom frond end for eCommerce Website
Dear All: Good day, We recently launched one multi-vendor eCommerce portal using ERPNext backend custom frontend, Its looking aswome UI and UX and also we build there are lot custom doctype like"Dashboard, multiple payment gateways,...
November 26, 2019 India
Require ERPNext Developer
We require a skilled and experienced ERPNext developer. Should be responsible for customizing ERPnext and build custom application / forms. Project would be based out of Kolkata however work can be performed remotely.
November 25, 2019 India
Hiring Freelancers
Hi, Good Morning. I’m hiring freelancers for a personal programming project based on the Frappe Framework. I need people with knowledge in the Frappe Framework, Javascript and Python. Layouts, if required, will be provided. Interested...
November 24, 2019
fix "Default Supplier" bug in version-11 & version-12 branch
I'd like someone to fix this issue I'd regard this to be done when a PR has been merged into the version-11 & version-12 branch (via the respective hotfix branches) EDIT: [1] we are looking...
November 19, 2019
Create dashboard on new doctype
We are looking for someone who will create dashboard on our new app with new doctype. Like on customer.
November 18, 2019 India
Migrate Magento Website to Website
I have a B2B ecommerce website on Magento 1.9.2. Some of the features on the website is, the customer is restricted from viewing the prices of the products until they signup, after they signup we manually verify their account. Once the...
November 14, 2019 India
POS Customization in Erpnext POS
Hi All, My customers required below field in Erpnext POS. Wants add new field in POS view. Field 1. Sales Man Code. (This can be on bill level and item level. Field 2. Redeem Credit Note issued to customer in POS. Field 3. Advance paid...
November 12, 2019 India
Need VM set up in local server with DynDNS
We need to set up ERPNEXT on VMware with Dyn DNS. Version 12 preferred.
November 4, 2019 Sri Lanka
Need customization for FMCG distributor business and LC management
Need customization for FMCG distributor business and LC management
October 30, 2019 Egypt
System Manager
We're looking for a system manager for ERPNext set-up, customization and maintenance jobs. Job description as below: 1\. Set-up and customization: Set up and personalize the basic program in order to start using it in the daily company...
October 30, 2019 China
Training on ERPNext installation and SSL
We have some familiarity with ERPNext but need detailed training on the following topics: 1- Setting up the server environment on the cloud (AWS/Azure/Google/Digitalocean ...etc) 2- Installing ERPNext using easy script 3- Configuring...
October 29, 2019 United Arab Emirates
Full time Developer
Hi, We are looking for a candidate who has got good knowledge in all aspects of ERPNext development be it the backend, web, POS or integrations with 3rd party apps. The incumbent must have very good knowledge of python, js, css. The...
October 29, 2019 India
ERPNext Consultant Required
We are looking for ERPNext consultant who can help us in implementing an end to end manufacturing industry project. Consultant should have experience in manufacturing and should have done 4 complete implementation. Should be ready to...
October 18, 2019 India
Integration develpment
We are Running on low development bandwidth.We are looking for someone to engage for biometric integration work.
October 16, 2019 India
Freelancer for ERPNext development
We are looking for a freelancer to help to develop a customize module for membership management solution. Please email --> if interested. *Project due on December 2019. Thanks.
October 15, 2019 Malaysia
Full Time Job Opportunity
A full time System Analyst and Implementer Is needed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The candidate will work on the implementation and support of ERPNext. The ideal candidate will have 3-5 years’ experience in related projects and adequate...
October 15, 2019 Saudi Arabia
Native Chat Mobile App for Frappe v10
Looking for a developer to build an native app client version of the chat functionality available in Frappe v12 - but for Frappe v10. Basically, the app should: \- Be based on Cordova (just like Frappe mobile) \- Allow the user...
October 12, 2019 Nigeria
B2C Payment Integration to ERPNEXT/Frappe App
B2C Payment Module for ERPNext Create a new payment integration with a mobile- money platform M-pesa and initiate B2C payments via an ERPNext Payment Entry or create a custom app using the frappe framework I will provide...
October 7, 2019 Kenya
ERPNext Implementation - Bangalore 04102019
Hi, We are starting a new printing and packaging company in Bangalore and would like to implement ERPNext in the new company. We need help in the complete implementation process. Please reach out for details. Regards, Rijo John
October 4, 2019 India
administrator training
we need an extra trainer for complete setup our ERP system
September 25, 2019 Iraq
customization and setup
we are looking freelancer who can help us to setup Print models and Workflow and accounting setup and form customization as per our company need.
September 25, 2019 Iraq
ERPNext v12 Customizations
Hi i need someone to customize our v12. We need simple customization like adding fields and basic customization right now. We need reliable person for long term. Hope to hear from you soon. Person from Pakistan will be highly preferred...
September 24, 2019 Pakistan
ERPNext 12 Implementation
we are looking freelance who can help us to setup Print models and Work flow as per our company needs.
September 16, 2019 Saudi Arabia
move server to cloud ans SYNC with shopify
We have erpnext server in our office , there is 4 erpnext installed on that server on different port , I need to : 1 ) install erpnext on could server and move all out data to new VPS. 2 ) active ssl certificate 3 ) sync erpnext...
September 16, 2019 United Arab Emirates
Install Let's encrypt SSL certificate
Install Let's encrypt SSL certificat for ERPnext site hosted on Digital ocean droplet. Domain name hosted on
September 13, 2019 Uganda
ERPNext Developers required - Full time job
We are looking for a full time ERPNext Developers for Implementation, customization and development in Pune office. Please call / send a mail if this requirement is matching to you.
September 12, 2019 India
Data Migration
Need to import data from a SQL Database to ERPNEXT. Call for more details.
September 8, 2019 United States
Need to Customise printing format for various forms
Require a developer/personnel experienced in Print Format customisations for some 10 or so forms. Will provide with a design to be implemented if you are interested.
August 31, 2019 India
Adapt ERPNEXT for DMS stander requirements
Adapt expnext file manger with stander requirements for DMS document management system
August 29, 2019 Egypt
(DMS) Document Management System Customization need
Customize File manager feature module in ERPNEXT to fit EDMS professional feature
August 29, 2019 Egypt
On Premise Frappe / ERPNext Developer
We are looking for full time ERPNext Developer for app development/ customization jobs to adopt the software as our Institution requirement. Our location is: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Kindly revert with your profile and experience.
August 26, 2019 India
rental equipment company
We have rental equipment company, our all equipment have different partners, e.g. Truck maybe be have two partners, bom truck maybe have more then 3 partners. We are looking for a custom module/app for our rental department. What we...
August 25, 2019 Saudi Arabia
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