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Developer for ERPNext customization
Our company is currently involved in an ERPNext project. Looking for a dedicated ERPNext developer to take care of customizations. Interested in a monthly setup. Kindly send your quotes to
June 21, 2018 Spain
1 year implementation and training contract
We’re a growing manufacturing company based in Ethiopia. Having implemented a self hosted instance of ERPNext last year, we are looking for an energetic, experienced ERPNext consultant / consultancy firm for a 1 year full time, on- site...
June 19, 2018 Ethiopia
ERP next implementation, training & customisation
Vikas Labs is a cosmetic manufacturing exporter based out of Navi, Mumbai. We are looking for a suitable candidate to help set up, implement & customize the Erpnext system. Interested members, please contact us at...
June 18, 2018 India
3 Month contract developer required
We have built a plugin for ERPNEXT and have it working creating Sales-ORDER Add fields in Sales Order drop down fields to create (add customised items for "WORK ORDER"/Manufacturing) Brand  (selectable item) fabric Name...
June 14, 2018 Australia
Looking for a Partner for help us with ERPNext Implementation.
Looking for a Partner for help us with ERPNext Implementation. Please feel free to contact me directly by phone or email msg Awaiting to hear you per one demo and proposal to go ahead with the project. Regards
June 12, 2018 Mexico
Flipkart Amazon integration
I want to integrate ERPNext with Flipkart and Amazon. Give your estimated quotation and time. You have to develop like Shopify. I want to sync item, pricing, Inventory, Order with all operations.
June 11, 2018 Saudi Arabia
Customise website of ERPNext with Bootstrap Theme
Wanted experienced service provider to customise website of ERPNext with a best Bootstrap Theme.
June 11, 2018 India
Customise print formats
Inviting proposals from experienced service providers to customise print, pdf & email standard reply formats, as per GST rules, for the following:     1. Quotation     2. Purchase Order     3. Proforma Invoice     4. Sales...
June 11, 2018 India
Need help with customization of invoice and proforma invoice
We are running self hosted ERPNEXT and need help on the following. We have added several custom fields as part of Invoice and Proforma Invoice doctypes and also used the print format to add them into the custom print format....
June 9, 2018 India
Customer data file transfer (python script) to ERPNext csv file
We have a csv file with our customer data. We need a solution (for example: python script) to transfer this file into a ERPnext csv file, so we can import our customer data to ERPnext. Once we are satisfied with the work with the...
June 7, 2018 Germany
Organic Fruits, veggies delivery management, inventory, procurement
Looking for an ERPNext developer for managing order-to-delivery cycle to cut overheads and help a small but growing organic food sales and delivery startup to scale up. We need a backoffice ERPNext solution to help us manage...
June 7, 2018 India
Integrate ERPNext with Cpanel/WHM
Hi All, Looking for someone to make ERPNext integrated with Cpanel/WHM within the same server. It should be managed within WHM for any ERPnext configuration or update. Existing users could enable ERP within their cpanel and...
June 4, 2018 Qatar
Custom Application verification and assistance
We have made a custom application for ERPNext, currently in version 1.1, and despite basic understanding of Frappé framework, we are having some difficulty with the javascript portion for the Sales Invoice DocType.  Our...
June 2, 2018 Guatemala
Shortcut key in pos
Hai need shortcut keys in Pos screen were Keyboard can be used instead of mouse clicks for making the sales easy eg: F2   = pay F3 = submit etc
May 25, 2018 Kuwait
Custom Report App development
**Introduction ** My client is a medium-size construction company. They have several construction sites and use ERPNext to track all material transactions to and from, as well as usage at their sites. For this project we need...
May 24, 2018 Zambia
ERPNext implementation and connector
Looking for a partner to help us with ERPNext implementation. Need to do the server administration as well. Also, connect ERPNext to Magento, PrestaShop or Woocomerce. And continue to help us on an ad-hoc basis. regards
May 15, 2018 Spain
I need some Customization for Bakery
Hi, I need some customization for a bakery business. The bakery has 3 to 5 kitchen areas, which we can say a LAB. Each LAB will produce different items e.g. bread in LAB1, Cake in LAB2, Sweet in LAB4.  All working fine in ERP I am...
May 15, 2018 Saudi Arabia
Erp Champlain or developer for full time at Ahmedabad location
we are distributor / Service Provider for Schneider Electric Products near Ahmedabad region our HO at Ahmedabad we want to implement ERPNEXT at our office desktop version, with below points 1\. inventory 2\. sales /...
May 13, 2018 India
customization new reports (gross profit report)
My Company plan to transfer from Accounting SAGE50 Desktop System to ErpNext System . Now, we need the most of SAGE Reports to be in Erpnext by creating it as custom Reports in Erpnext. First report which is we need it from...
May 3, 2018 Saudi Arabia
customization new reports
My Company plan to transfer from Accounting SAGE50 Desktop System to ErpNext System . Now, we need the most of SAGE Reports to be in Erpnext by creating it as custom Reports in Erpnext. First report which is we need it from...
May 3, 2018 Saudi Arabia
Carry out ERP Next Implementation and Customization Individual or Team in Sri Lanka / India
Dear All, We are looking for a team to carry out implementation and customization of ERPNext for a client in Sri Lanka. The client is in a distribution based business model. looking for the following modules to be implemented...
May 2, 2018 Sri Lanka
| | Bonjour, je teste ton ERP que je trouve génial, je te félicite pour le travail extraordinaire, la richesse de ta documentation franchement je suis impressionné. Mon besoin est le suivant: J'ai mis en place une...
April 30, 2018 Algeria
Clearing and Forwarding - Logistics
We are looking for someone with track record who has successfully implemented complex Clearing and Forwarding solution for a typical logistics company. Thanks, David
April 27, 2018 Tanzania
Import and Submit 50k Sales Invoices (we have tried API, CSV already -> creates timeout errors)
Import and Submit 50k Sales Invoices (we have tried API, Front End Data Import and Backend Data Import CSV already -> creates timeout errors) We need someone who has a deep understanding of the ERPnext application logic and can...
April 27, 2018 Germany
Immediate requirement to add features to existing product
Looking for individual freelancers or companies who have solid understanding of erpnext, self and quick starters
April 25, 2018
online beginner training for ERPnext
Dear Sirs , i want an online training course focusing on the below points : 1.installing /backup/using cloud MYSQL database 2\. customize POS and Sales to show the available QTY and selling price in the grid show while entering...
April 22, 2018 United Arab Emirates
Complete restaurant interface, floor plan manipulation, performance data collection, kitchen display and delivery system
On behalf of a client, I want to inquire about some features that'll be useful in restaurant and catering settings: * grid-based interactive floor plan * per table data records * kitchen display system/customer facing screen or...
April 21, 2018 United Arab Emirates
ERPNext Customization, Server Migration and Functional Training
Milestone 1: I have some server on a cloud (ubuntu 16.04) but I want to transfer on a dedicated server (centos). Milestone 2: Functional Training on a module like Accounts, Selling, CRM,Finance, HR, Projects, Manufacturing,...
April 15, 2018 Saudi Arabia
I need customization
Greetings, I need a person who can develop a trigger from sales invoice to send the name field to the php script on another server through a button and another details.
April 14, 2018 Peru
ERPNext Installation: Harimal Corporation
Need to install ERPNext in digital ocean/amazon.
April 13, 2018 India
ERP Next Customization Required
We are looking for someone to help in customization.  All the customization should be in separate App. * At Different DocTypes (Purchase Order, Sales Order, Sales Invoice and in Inventory reports)- we need to dispaly 3 UOM at the...
April 12, 2018
Full-time ERPNEXT developer and implementation.
We need to set up Erpnext and it's modules at our manufacturing Plant at Udaipur , he will be also responsible for our IT and Networking updation and upgradation. We are looking for a Full-time ERPNEXT developer , with minimum...
April 3, 2018 India
ERP Next - Building Industry
Hi, I am looking for someone to join our team and help with the customization and support of ErpNext for multiple clients in the building / construction industry. This is a long term project with strong financial backing. The...
April 1, 2018 Australia
Saudi invoice format
I need some one to create an Invoice format for Saudi Arabia which is acceptable according to new rules and regulations. The format can be HTML
March 31, 2018 Saudi Arabia
Need ERPNext Freelancer For Full Time
need erpnext/python freelancer developer for full time i want to hire monthly basis
March 30, 2018 Canada
Part-time ERPNEXT Developer
We are looking for a Part-time ERPNEXT developer , with minimum experience of 2 years in development and implementation. Salary as per industry standards. Should take care of team building and client side interaction. For...
March 28, 2018 India
Synchronize feature for Offline ERPNext system
We have following requirement. Client deals with Distribution, pharmaceutical business. They have warehouses around town but need ability to operate offline/online mode due to connectivity issues. Specifically, would like to have...
March 28, 2018 Tanzania
Need Custom Development
Hello devs, We are looking for someone to help in customization.  We have installed a development portal and would like to get some very specific setups in a custom app.  Customization required: * Geolocation setup (finding...
March 28, 2018 United States
Need some customization in ERPNext for Distribution and retail business implementation
We are implementing ERPNext in our distribution and retail business and looking for someone who can help us to customize following modules and some of the reports as well * purchase order * sales order * stock movements...
March 25, 2018 United Arab Emirates
Create 2 Custom Query/Script reports
Greetings, We need a developer to create 2 custom reports. The first report should show all transactions related to a certain selected supplier in a debit and credit view, purchases and expenses related to...
March 23, 2018 Uganda
Pdf is slow, need to resolve
our ERP is very slow when its processed pdf.  looking for ppl who can solve this issue
March 21, 2018 India
ERPNext Backup Restore
Hello, I recently re-installed bench on our server and tried to restore the backup and it failed. Am looking for anyone well conversant with ERPNext to help me restore the backup hosted on Google drive. After that, we shall need...
March 19, 2018 Uganda
Need ERPNext Developer
need erpnext developer who have good knowledge of frappe and python
March 14, 2018 India
erpnext as a saas
We'd like to customize ERPNext for a really narrow industry and add a lot of value to the product for this narrow market segment. we need to sell it as SaaS exactly like ERPNext hosting on []( – Ask for...
March 11, 2018 Saudi Arabia
ERPNext customisation for Signage Industry
Need to add the following: * _Site Survey Form_ in Opportunity with Sub ID (Eg.: OPTY-01209-12) and Geo Location ID. * _Geo Location ID_ \- to capture the Lat & long from the user's mobile phone. * _Geo Distance_ \- to...
March 5, 2018 India
ERPNext Setup and Configuration
March 3, 2018 United States
ERPNext freelancer wanted for app development and customization
I am looking for a freelancer to be available for part time work to further build out a current ERPNext application. The application is currently working but needs additional work to be done and customization throughout the ERP to make...
March 2, 2018 United States
ErpNext python Developer
_**Job description: **_ Work on enhacements and customizations to ERPNext. Build new applications for various domains. Build plugins and connectors to various other apps like Magento, OpenCart, Payment Gateways etc. ...
March 1, 2018 India
OAuth 2
Hi I need someone to setup  Oauth2 provider  on ERPNext . ERPnext Server is already up and running, and just need to do Oauth2 part . Anyone interested please send me mail with the price quote .
February 28, 2018 United Arab Emirates
ERP implementation & Support
JOB PROFILE- Having 20 years of experience in Product Development Environment. My Strength includes understanding of system, execute software application as per the specifications with good logical skills. Provide technical support for...
February 28, 2018 India
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