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Frappe & Erpnext full time Developer Required.
We are looking for full time ERPNext Developer for ERPNext customization and feature development jobs to adopt the software as our company requirement.We are Tea manufacturing Company, Location Kolkata, West Bengal , India Kindly revert...
August 17, 2019 India
I need help creating a custom script which automatically submits draft Invoices
Please use the for discourse Discussion can-i-automatically-submit-draft-invoices-based-on-a-condition/51630 Please note. The budget for this is very minimal. Payment will be via PayPal or...
August 8, 2019 Zambia
Erpnext customization and App development
We are interested in using ERpnext for our company.We like most of the features .We would like to to know if these features could be added and app develop for it Incoming goods ________________________________________ • Scheduling of...
July 31, 2019 Ghana
Full Time ERPNext Developer
Looking for a full time ERPNext Developer to adapt the software to our company needs. Would mainly involve building apps/features within ERPNext to solve everyday problems within the company. Knowledge in JavaScript would also be...
July 27, 2019 India
ERPNext Customization and Maintainance
We are looking for developers for ERPNext customization and maintenance jobs. Kindly revert with your profile and experience.
July 24, 2019 Thailand
Require Long Term Help In Stock & Accounts Customisation and Implementation
Hey, We have implemented ERPnext in our company. We are having some issues with stock pricing. We would like to have the manufactured item's price calculated on the values of input raw materials. However, it doesn't happen that ways. It...
July 19, 2019 India
Migrate ERPNext 10 to 11 in Another VM
We need to migrate sites and custom app of ERPNext from version 10 in a VM to another VM of version 11
July 16, 2019 None
University Student Transcript
Just develop a transcript for a university student out of the marks
June 28, 2019 Uganda
Repair database that prevent email being sent
My ERPnext instance unable to send email. It is related to database because every time database restored, that instance no longer able to send email. Database will be sent without contacts, suppliers, customers, employees, and financial...
June 27, 2019 Indonesia
ERPNext & Frappe Developer
Hello Everyone, we are looking for 1 Freelance ERPNext Developer with 1+ Year of experience.
June 26, 2019 India
ERP Implementer
A full time System Analyst and Implementer Is needed in Cairo, Egypt. The candidate will work with our Technical Team for the implementation of ERPNext open source applications in many locations in and outside Egypt. The ideal candidate...
June 25, 2019 Saudi Arabia
Ability to completely modify salary slip before submitting it
The current Payroll workflow after creating salary slips from a payroll entry the system doesn't allow the user to modify any of the amounts in the salary slip. If you attempt to change any of the amounts or add or remove...
June 24, 2019 Saudi Arabia
Frappe ERPNext Developers required
Looking for skilled developers with strong Python skills, must be familiar with Frappe framework and ERPNext ecosystem. Following are must required skillset for the job: 1. Frappe Framework * Forms * Pages * Dialogues ...
June 21, 2019 India
Implement website based upon native ERP Next website builder
We are looking for a ERP Next proficient developer to build a website on the ERP Next plaform for us.
June 19, 2019 Australia
Migrate ERPNext from DigitalOcean to Google Cloud
Migrate ERPNext from DigitalOcean to Google Cloud
June 13, 2019 Saudi Arabia
ERPNext Accounting and bookkeeping training
The Training will cover all major accounting tasks, and inventory management. Training will all cover by demos and real scenarios, it will be one and half hour for 5 days Skype app will use for conduct the sessions Note: the...
June 12, 2019 United Arab Emirates
Implement Bulk Payment Review Feature
Our Client has requested for a bulk payment module that allows them accomplish some operational capabilities, based on Accounts Payable. Client needs a module where purchases with outstanding payment (Purchase Invoices) can be processed...
June 11, 2019 Nigeria
Looking for Erpnext developers
Dears, I am looking for Erpnext developer for a full-time job remotely monthly basis Arabic speaking preferred please send me your cv or previous work best regards
June 9, 2019 None
Make app for Hire purchase with new 2 doc types
I need to make 2 new Doc types called hire purchase invoice and hire purchase payment. Then put some conditions to those docs. Can be design as separate app. I am looking for freelancer who can do thins within 2-3 days, because it's a...
June 7, 2019 Sri Lanka
Erpnext installation and personalization
Installation on aws, personalization of invoices of suppliers and clients, personalization of accounting books of purchases, sales, inventories, daily book and general ledger
June 5, 2019 Honduras
Fetch child table - Custom Script
Hi, My knowledge on coding is so basic and I don't have a programmer in house. I've being struggling to find how to solve this: I need to pull data from 'items' table at Sales Invoice to 'carta_ubicacion_referencia' a custom table at...
June 2, 2019 Mexico
Need to COnfiger earn Leave
Need to Configer earn Leave and carry forward after earn Regard
May 24, 2019 India
Point of Sale Customizations
We are in the process of implementing ERPNext for a cannabis business. We need to customize the POS to have item groups more visible. We were thinking a sidebar, a pop-up for quantity, and a way to track how much an individual customer...
May 21, 2019 United States
Develop an ERPNext Extension for customizing ERPNext
The task is to develop an app to customize ERPNext. The app will have the following features: — Apply a custom localization file. — Apply a custom Chart of Accounts. — Create and Apply a custom print style. — Apply a custom...
May 13, 2019 Angola
Webhooks Integration with Erp Next
We have nos web applications I'll triggers Webhooks need to post the data to Erp next docs
May 11, 2019 India
Logistic Module Integration
We need to develop a module for logistic. We are manufacturing company basing in China. We produce OEM and ODM Electronic goods and we ship them by Air or by Sea using LCL and FCL. ERPNext doesn't natively support some features that we...
May 10, 2019 China
HR Module Report Customisation
We wish to customize and export reports as per our needs from the HR Module. Custom Script reports are required to be developed on ERPNext
May 8, 2019 Kenya
Need to Configration Salary Structor
Need to Configure Salary Structure as per Client Required Total Salary 13620 ESI+PF Regards
May 3, 2019 India
Need to implement ERPNext on Cloud for Ecommerce
I am looking to setup Ecommerce projects with backend as ERPNext for a Grocery startup. Looking for a freelancer who can help me implement a marketplace + dropshipment based website too on ERPNext.
April 28, 2019 India
New Website + Backend for Transmission Couplings Project
We have a complete plan to start up a customized service industry for the transmission coupling. We are planning on using ERPNext for Frontend as well as backend. Front end includes website which has a small calculator and which allows...
April 28, 2019 India
Woocommerce Site integration with ERPNext
We need Woocommerce site (theme purchased) to integrate with ERPNext running in AWS EC2 Instance. Wish to run both in same server space. Experienced developer in similar projects please contact.
April 27, 2019 India
Configure Healthcare Billing
Hi We need help configuring Healthcare billing on my cloud Erpnext healthcare implementation. Our current flow: 1\. Patient checks in and register details to enroll him/her in the system 2\. Patient goes to vital signs section to...
April 17, 2019 Kenya
Move Magento website to ERPNext website
Our company has a B2B e-commerce website We want someone to help us implement the exact replica of Magento site on hosted website. No changes in URL will be accepted. At the back-end we are...
April 17, 2019 India
Full TIme Mid Level ERP Next Developer
Details Full time Frappe developer with mid to high level of expertise. Job Responsibilities • 2 to 3 years of experience in Frappe Framework • Proven work experience in customizing ERPNext and Developing New features on ERPNext •...
April 10, 2019 Bangladesh
Looking for ERPNext Developer
Overview : \- Vedarth Solutions, Pune is looking for Software Developers to join our ERPNext team Jobtype: Fulltime / Part-time / Remote Consulting \- Work involves customization to the open source ERPNext software. Skills: Should have...
April 8, 2019 India
Statement of Account with Aging erpNext v11
ERPNext: v11.1.17 (master) Frappe Framework: v11.1.17 (master) Need statement of account with additional tweaks *Customer/Supplier Address *Account Aging Information *Correct format of Opening Balance *Includes sending PR for inclusion...
March 31, 2019 United Arab Emirates
RefL Hijri Calendar Needed in Erpnext with Georgian Calendar
Dears Here i need Hijri Calendar support in erpnext. User can select any one calendar and other will be adjusted accordingly. Regards, Sarwar
March 31, 2019 Saudi Arabia
Urgent Full time / Part Time Frappe developer with mid to high level of expertise.
Full time Frappe developer with mid to high level of expertise. Job Responsibilities • 2 to 3 years of experience in Frappe Framework • Proven work experience in customizing ERPNext and Developing New features on ERPNext •...
March 28, 2019 Bangladesh
Required ERPNext Mobile App Developer
Wanted Experienced Mobile App (for Field Sales / Service Users and Sales/ Service Managers integrated with ERPNext with reports and dashboard) Developer for ERPNext Mobile App Development.
March 24, 2019 India
Frappe Framework Training for non developer
Hi, Already discussed in the forum under the title "Frappe Framework Training for non developer " we are submitting this RFP to collect commercial proposals by end of Mars 26, 2019. evaluation : 27,28,29 Mars. Award date : 30...
March 21, 2019 India
ERPNext ZKTeco Integration
Hello, I want to integrate multiple biometric devices from ZKTeco into ERPNext. I have the ZKTeco iclock3800 and iFace990 model in 2 offices and I might add more offices in the future. So basically, I need to group employees under a...
March 19, 2019 Nigeria
Permanent hiring for erpnext developers
Korecent Solutions is based in beautiful vicinity of Chandigarh and is looking for erpnext developers for an urgent and full-time job, who can remain focused on app and Feature development along with integration with third...
March 15, 2019 India
Customization for Progress Training & Consultancy
Job Completed by our Team
March 7, 2019 United Arab Emirates
Accendo Training & Consultancy
Job Completed by our Team
March 7, 2019 United Arab Emirates
Progress Training & Consultancy
Job Completed by our Team
March 7, 2019 United Arab Emirates
[URGENT]: Stock Ageing Report with Warehouse wise Quantity
We require the report with the following filters and fields: Price List, Stock Ageing Date, Warehouse, Item Code, Variant Of (some other filters based on Item Templates (custom to our requirement)) For custom filters...
March 6, 2019 India
ERPNext Administrator
I am looking for ERPNext Administrator in Saudi Arabia please whatsapp this number +966538990174
March 6, 2019 Saudi Arabia
ERPNext Customization & Implementation For Trading Firm
We are looking for a developer to customize ERPNext, partially set, to suit our requirements. Would have to customize all modules used in a trading firm. Would also require customization of POS module including UI for using mobile apps...
March 6, 2019 United Arab Emirates
ERPNext Trainer with high Implementation experience
I'm looking for Trainer that can practically provide me full training on how to implement end to end ERPNext system, including the following modules: Accounting - Inventory with buy & transfer - POS & Offline POS -...
March 6, 2019 Saudi Arabia
Report and Print Format Development
I am looking for someone who can make custom print formats and custom reports. I can explain the requirements on call. I can also explain the technical details and guide you if you get stuck as I, myself, am also a...
March 1, 2019 Pakistan
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