[URGENT]: Stock Ageing Report with Warehouse wise Quantity

Company Name Rohit Industries Group Pvt Ltd
Job Type Customization
Country India
Date March 6, 2019
Status Open


We require the report with the following filters and fields: Price List, Stock Ageing Date, Warehouse, Item Code, Variant Of (some other filters based on Item Templates (custom to our requirement)) For custom filters refer: https://github.com/adityaduggal/rigpl-erpnext/blob/master/rigpl_erpnext/rigpl_erpnext/report/item_report/item_report.js Then the columns needed are : ''' def get_columns(): columns = ["Item:Link/Item:120"] + ["Description::300"] + \ ["Warehouse:Link/Warehouse:150"] + ["Quantity:Float:80"] + ["List Price:Currency:80"] + \ ["VR:Currency:80"] + ["Value:Currency:100"] + ["Avg Age:Int:50"] + ["Earliest:Int:50"] + \ ["Latest:Int:50"] + ["BM::80"] + ["Qual::80"] +["TT::120"] + ["D1:Float:50"] + \ ["W1:Float:50"] + ["L1:Float:60"] + ["D2:Float:50"] + \ ["L2:Float:60"] + ["Is RM::50"] + ["Brand::60"] return columns ''' Also the following reports is to be referred: https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/tree/master/erpnext/stock/report/stock_ageing Also the ageing data should be tested properly since I think there is a bug in the actual report. The main difference between the standard report and our report is that the Quantity of Item warehouse wise is shown on the date of the report (please note that this report should be able to show warehouse wise quantity on a given date selected in the filter. Also the ageing should be calculated from the date selected in the filter. Please note that this requirement is URGENT and is needed by the mid of this month 15-Mar-2019 or latest by 30-Mar-2019 Kindly quote the same. Another report to refer: https://github.com/adityaduggal/rigpl-erpnext/tree/master/rigpl_erpnext/rigpl_erpnext/report/stock_valuation The above report gives the stock on a given date warehouse wise so if item A is in WH1, WH2 and WH3 then it would show the quantities of Item A in 3 rows for WH1, Wh2 and WH3. We are needing a similar report just that we also want the stock ageing fields in this report as well.


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