Ability to completely modify salary slip before submitting it

Company Name Ballan Co Ltd
Job Type Feature Development
Country Saudi Arabia
Date June 24, 2019
Status Open


The current Payroll workflow after creating salary slips from a payroll entry the system doesn't allow the user to modify any of the amounts in the salary slip. If you attempt to change any of the amounts or add or remove salary components when you press save the salary slip reverts back to the amounts and salary components setup in the salary structure. I would like you to add a setting to allow the user to create a [Salary Component] that is completely flexible this means you can [Remove it] [Add it] [Modify Amount] after the salary slip has been created without any restrictions and without modifying the [Salary Structure] it's based on. I am aware of the [Additional Salary] workflow but it is just too time consuming and complicated. Since Payroll is complex and country specific, this added flexibility would be greatly appreciated. If some customers don't want this feature for security concerns they can just not use it. Many of the Salary Components in our payroll vary every month (Example: Overtime, Absence, Bonuses....) and we need a simple way of modifying the amounts, adding components, removing components before submitting the salary slips. Under this implementation I can create a salary structure that is completely flexible using this type of salary component. The salary strucutre becomes just a template which the slips are based off each month, then the user can easily go through the slips for each employee and modify the content as needed. The implementation of this should be super simple, just add a check box on the salary component form [Is Overidable Component] then on the salary slip form when you change any information and press save don't let the code revert the slip back to the salary structure for components that are marked [Is Overidable Component] The user should be able to create [Salary Structures] that are based on this type of [Salary Component] without any restrictions so we can create fully customizeable [Salary Structures] Although this is such a simple feature it would give great flexibility to meet the changellenges and complexities of payroll processing. It basically allows a user to have full control if he choose over the salary slip which would make entering the variable components of payroll each month so much faster and easier. I am sure many users of ERPNext would appreciated the simplicity and added flexibility of this feature. Once this feature is added the workflow for Payroll would be as follows: 1. Create a [Salary Structure] for an Employee with the main [Salary Components] likely to be relevant for him each month, enter approximate amounts, check those components as [Is Overidable Component]. 2. Create a [Payroll Entry] which then would create the [Salary Slips] 3. Open each employee slip, review it, modify amounts, add salary components, remove salary components to meet the specifics of each month and save it 4. Submit the Slips


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