Bootstrap Theme integration into ERPNext

Company Name Mobile World
Job Type Customization
Country United Arab Emirates
Date November 1, 2018
Status Open


I want to replace the standard theme in ERPNext with a Bootstrap theme. The version of ERPNext is v11. I am not sure what Bootstrap is supported by ERPNext, who ever takes this project should figure this out to be able to select the right Bootstrap version of the theme. Experience in ERPNext is important as it is very important to keep the website using the ERPNext functionalities, like fetching products from ERPNext. For the customization of the website, I assume this will be done through a control panel for the Bootstrap theme... or from ERPNext? Not sure and we are fine either way as long as we can change images and text properly and utilize the full set of features in the theme. At the start the website will be a corporate website and it will then grow to serve more functions. Regards, K


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