Complete implementation for furniture manufacturing company

Company Name Perfect Meubel
Job Type Implementation
Country Netherlands
Date January 19, 2019
Status Open


Hi all, We are a manufacturing company who makes beds and sofa' s. At the moment we are doing all our work manually with Microsoft Office. I want to change this situation and want to bring the business to a higher level with a good ERP system for manufacturing. Because we are doing everything manual we are taking much notes and it is a big mess. I need someone who points the right way for gathering information (consulting). With information I mean about our products like; sizes, colors and prices. What is the best and fastest way to implement all these information. Because there is a lot of combinations possible when we are producing beds. Also I need a developer which can automate label printing with a Dymo printer. If interested I will tell about our workflow at the moment: - Order comes from different channels, it differs per customer. Some examples are: E-mail, structured Excel sheets, phone - At the office these orders are printed/noted and bundled into weeks. We deliver every customer weekly. Our deliver time is 3-4 weeks. Sometimes we have urgent orders which we will produce within 3 days. - The orders are mostly SETS but sometimes components of a bed. A example what parts a bed consists of : * 2 wooden box * 2 Matress * 1 foam top player * 1 headboard - After the orders are bundled of a week we will order the materials, like: Foam, wood, screws, fabric. While we are ordering wood and foam we mostly order in components and the suppliers knows which material is needed for that component. - Every department receives own worklists sorted according to the planning. The fabric department receives labels and doesn' t work with list but cuts according to the labels - When we received the materials and if we have to start according to the schedule, the production will start. Every department knows what to do because they have own work lists. - We have different departments like: * Fabric department which cuts the fabric with a CNC machine * Wood department which makes the skelet of the beds and sofas * sewing department which sews the fabric *Foam department which sprays glue on the foam for making matresses and glue the foam to the woodwork. * Upholstry/packaging department, which packages and upholstry the sofas and bed. The fabric department doesn' t have a work list only a schedule and labels bundled together, these labels identifies every component of the bed. This is needed because the upholstry should know which cover should be used for the foamed woodwork. We use Dymo printer for the labels. Best regards, Mert Somun


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