Configure Healthcare Billing

Company Name Drhubehs
Job Type Implementation
Country Kenya
Date April 17, 2019
Status Open


Hi We need help configuring Healthcare billing on my cloud Erpnext healthcare implementation. Our current flow: 1. Patient checks in and register details to enroll him/her in the system 2. Patient goes to vital signs section to be pre-tested for Blood pressure etc 3. Patient goes to the Physician/Doctor for treatment/Consultation (There is a fee/charge for this). 4. Patient needs to go to the lab for testing (There is a fee/charge for this). 5. Labtests are complete and patient goes back to the Doctor for consultation/diagnosis. 6. Pharmacist prescribes drugs as directed by the Doctors Diagnosis (There is a fee/charge for the meds prescribed if sold by the doctor if the prescription is sent to be filled at an outside pharmacy then no charge). 7. With this when we create the sales invoices we are hoping to collect all the charged items We know healthcare has a Get items from Healthcare services or pharmacy but we can’t seem to pull any details as we have incorrectly configured this in my opinion. 8. Consultation fee: 9. Lab test Fees: 10. Drugs/Medicines: For all the medicines prescribed, in stock Any takers who can help configure this for us?


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