Erpnext customization and App development

Company Name EDA
Job Type Feature Development
Country Ghana
Date July 31, 2019
Status Open


We are interested in using ERpnext for our company.We like most of the features .We would like to to know if these features could be added and app develop for it Incoming goods ________________________________________ • Scheduling of incoming goods The availability for incoming goods is automatically ensured after completion of an order. The scheduling of incoming goods feature takes into account the product, quantity and packaging/shipping materials in accordance with the packaging instructions specified in the order. • POS incoming goods In the terminal for incoming goods, the user can filter and edit the scheduled incoming goods, depending on the warehouse, business partner and/or order. The incoming goods can be assorted and arranged in full or on pallets. Quality deviations and other characteristics can be entered or changed as required. • Weighing Are incoming goods to be weighed upon delivery in order to determine their quantity? We provide you the option of integrating any number of weighing scale systems per incoming goods warehouse . • Incoming goods Incoming goods documents (delivery confirmation) contain all relevant information on the delivered goods for the supplier. Quality deviations are documented and quantities are recorded. • Booking of incoming goods Upon completing the procedure for receiving incoming goods, the relevant details are automatically entered into the system. Incoming invoices and verification ________________________________________ • Invoice verification With the invoice scheduling feature, you can process and edit the incoming goods for which a quality deviation has been determined and can also revise other invoice-relevant details. Invoices are also checked with this feature. You can create separate invoices per order or display collective invoices of suppliers. • Creating incoming invoices Based on supplier-specific default settings, incoming invoices can be created and checked quickly and efficiently. The incoming goods are automatically linked to the corresponding invoice lines. Deviations between incoming goods and invoice lines are automatically detected and processed. • Manual entries for incoming invoices Have you received an invoice without a consignment of incoming goods? In that case, you can also enter the details manually – quick and easy, thanks to the fast entry feature. If a recurring invoice is involved, simply use a previous invoice as a template. Outgoing payments ________________________________________ • Payment orders Do you wish to settle all obligations that are due on the respective due dates or are due with a specific buffer period in regular payment runs (on a daily, weekly, fortnightly basis)? No problem. Select the required settings and let take care of issuing the payment order on the date specified for the relevant incoming invoice. • Exporting SEPA details Export your payment orders in SEPA format for acceptance by your bank or payment software. No double entries required. • Entering bank statement details Enter the details of your bank statements and let the system automatically compare the information with your payment orders. This way, all payment assignments are automatically generated and you save time. • Assigning payments Before making a payment to a supplier, would you like to offset the invoice amount against the supplier’s credit note and transfer only the difference? No problem. Simply select the business partner, invoice and credit note and offset the relevant amount. • Booking of outgoing payments Details of outgoing payments, bank statements and offsetting obligations are automatically entered in the system seconds after completion. Thanks kafui whatasapp +233235531818


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