ERPNext customization. assessment builder and application to education module.

Company Name
Job Type Customization
Country Brazil
Date February 15, 2019
Status Open


dear fellows. my name is fernando bender. i am looking for a developer experienced in customizing erpnext. we want to expand current functionality of the education module, via an add-on for the erp. so, it should be >>> plugable. to allow for easy activate / deactivate, and of course, not compromise the upgradability. >>> seamlessly integrated. with the other modules and erp funcionalities, as applicable. >>> compliant with the guidelines of the erp development >>> multilanguage. it should allow for easy translations within the guidelines of ERPNext. it adds new menu entries and its corresponding assets to allow for >>> assessment (exams) builder to design, store and manage assements >>> assessment application to allow for students to perform the assessments assigned to them (by schedule or free choice - as a purchased product, for instance) >>> assessment analytics to allow for smooth and through analytics of the assessments made by groups of students, and individually the system is already specified (via eer diagram [#1] ) an we will provide it for quotation. however, details of the UI/UX are open, thus to be compliant with the look & feel of erpnext, as well as its coding practice. the following link is a close competitor. it further enlightens our goals thank you very much. best regards, fernando a. bender [#1] the provided eer is in portuguese, but allows for an estimate of the needed workload. the english version shall be provided after development contract is established.


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