ERPNext Customization, Setup, Data Migration

Company Name STARSTIX, LLC
Job Type App Development
Country United States
Date February 20, 2021
Status Open


We are working on implementing ERPNext for our company and are looking for a developer with experience implementing ERPNext and developing ERPNext apps. The position will require coordinating and taking instruction from another developer, as well as advising on implementation details and app structure. Collaboration and discussion on a regular basis are expected. Some work has already been completed on the app, and will continue to move forward, but several months more of work are expected. App features will include: - Writing tests - Custom permissions for specific lists - Custom doctype/list functionality - Geolocation - Python reports The ideal candidate is a developer with good communication skills who works at least a few hours between 9-5PM Pacific Time. IMPORTANT: Applicants must be US citizens and available for hire.


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