ERPNext freelancer wanted for app development and migration

Company Name BBG Group
Job Type App Development
Country United States
Date August 28, 2018
Status Open


I am looking for a freelancer to be available for part time work (10-20 hours a week) to further build out a current ERPNext application. The application is currently working but needs additional tweaking and new features throughout the ERP to make it fit in based on our requirements. Migration needs: The current app has been adapted from working in V6 to working in V10. The V6 is the one we use daily but we want to do an entire new launch for V10 and migrate some data from the V6 instance. In addition, we have an import script for importing data from another system, so when we finish the V10 instance customization and are ready to launch we would like to migrate the data over into the new instance. You will be working directly with me, another freelancer also with the assistance from the original app developer if required. Please reply with the following information: -Years of experience (with which version of ERPNext did you begin) -Where are you based off and time zone -Hours available per week -Github/Bitbucket or other public repository to review your code. Link to any ERPNext/Frappe contributions welcome. -If you are on Discuss, send your username -Any other relevant portfolio FREELANCERS ONLY, no businesses.


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