ERPNext v13 Consultant & Software Developer

Company Name noventive
Job Type Feature Development
Country Germany
Date May 21, 2021
Status Developer Hired


We are a legal-tech startup and have decided to implement our new platform based on ERPNext/ Frappe framework. We have started a couple of months ago and will go live with the first product release, soon. For our upcoming product-development-activities we would like to extend our team by experienced consultants/ software developers that understand how ERPNext works, which DocTypes exist and how they could and should be used to fulfill our requirements. We have a well-maintained (and steadily increasing) product backlog with requirements for the next year(s). We have already a team of several Functional Consultants as well as Developers for different issue domains. With additional Experts, we want to be more flexible in scaling development activities as well as have a "backup" by sharing knowledge across different Suppliers/ Freelancers. Therefore, you will be working together with other Experts as ONE TEAM. For the beginning, we are looking for someone that is available for at least 20hrs/ week. Based on how things are going, we are looking forward to increase that workload. We are looking for LONG TERM relationships - this is not a typical project, it is more a product development. We will work together based on a hourly payment and organize our work based on SCRUM. You should be familiar with - ERPNext v13 - Customer Portal - Existing DocTypes, especially in CRM & Accounting - Creating Custom Application with Custom DocTypes - Dashboards (Cards and Charts) - Permission and Role Management


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