fix "Default Supplier" bug in version-11 & version-12 branch

Company Name Default Value
Job Type Setup
Date November 19, 2019
Status Open


I'd like someone to fix this issue I'd regard this to be done when a PR has been merged into the version-11 & version-12 branch (via the respective hotfix branches) EDIT: [1] we are looking to work with someone entangled with the Community. So best way to provide praise about capanilitiers is to provide a GitHub ID, Forum name, links to issues & PR's to the frappe/ERPNext repositories [2] we are NOT looking for a custom App, but a solution in the core code. as a fallback a custom script may be a solution as well. [3] I am working on getting the acknowledged as a bug (so it can be merged into version-11/version-12 branches at all). Please be aware that in case this attempt fails it's possible that this is being stalled until further notice.


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