Company Name Caprine
Job Type Customization
Country India
Date April 19, 2020
Status Open


I need the system for an FMCG company where there will be Primary Sales and Secndary Sales. Primary Sales would be my direct customer(dealers) by my Sales Managers. Secondary Sales is when my Sales Person sells to the retail outlets but this order would be fulfilled through the dealer and invoiced from the stock which ny company sold to the dealer as Primary Sales. So when My Sales person takes order which would be delivered the other days for example, I need to understsnd what can be done to provide the Sales orders to the Dealer. I can create a user for the dealer and tell the Sales Person to use it. Or I can create the Sales person in my company and tske orders but in this case even the accounting would be done to my company which is not needed to me since it would be from the stock I already sold. But I know I by customizing we can create something better. Also i want to restrict the user(dealer) to see the Sales Order or retail outlet which is only in his area or territory. Ans the Secondary sales data of all the dealers and customers should be maintained by my company since this data would be important for me to understand Secondary customer. It anyone can do it would be great.


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