Frappe & ERPNext developer. 1 year contract job

Company Name 9T9 Information Technology WLL
Job Type Setup
Country Bahrain
Date March 25, 2021
Status Open


This is a full-time job posting and would require chosen applicant to work from our office in Bahrain as an employee. It will be one year contract. It maybe extended. We are NOT looking for manpower supply companies or other developers to work remotely. Minimum of 2 years of ERPNext experience. Thorough understanding of V11 to V13 versions. Production Install Linux on local server or virtual private server Install ERPNext. Install custom applications. Configure company. Develop new appor API as needed. Upload opening entries. Create backup and restore mechanism. Work with client to iron out teething issues. Get confirmation from client of successful implementation. Testing Create instance for potential clients testing purpose. Make user ID as per client requirements. Modify testing site for client testing. Track client usage to understand interest in ERPNext. Clear and delete company. ERPNext customization Understand concept and Scope of Work. Understand rationale behind the concept. Add value to the concept. Develop app or API according to concept. Submit on GitHub for testing if it has potential to benefit the ERPNext community. Make changes as per client recommendation. Resubmit updated app for approval. Other products Install operating software. Install depending software. Configure software. Upload company information. Test software and make appropriate adjustments. Handover items to clients. Applicant Profile Excellent knowledge of Frappe framework, Bench, ERPNext, Rest API, JavaScript, Linux & Bootstrap. Mariadb/MySQL improvement knowledge is highly desirable. Knowledge of developing ERPNext apps, API modulee, doctype. Understanding of how company financials are  created, used and reported. Excellent command of English language. Able to work closely with end users. Must be able to demonstrate patience while working with non-technical team members or client employees. Thrive under work pressure. Potential applicants can send CV via WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal on +97338880222. Email to


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