Frappe ERPNext Developers required

Company Name Not Set
Job Type Feature Development
Country India
Date June 21, 2019
Status Completed


Looking for skilled developers with strong Python skills, must be familiar with Frappe framework and ERPNext ecosystem. Following are must required skillset for the job:

  1. Frappe Framework
    • Forms
    • Pages
    • Dialogues
    • Routing
    • Hooks
    • Print format development using jinja templating
    • Portal development
  2. Familiar with GIT based workflow
  3. Moderate Maridb/Mysql skills for basic debugging and querying
  4. Must be able to create complex Query & Script Reports in ERPNext
  5. React JS (optional but highly preferred)
  6. Experienced in consuming/creating REST API's
  7. Unit testing (optional)
  • Work from home or Remote
  • Office in a prime and commute friendly area in Pune
  • Full time or gig basis available
  • Freelancers are also welcomed if willing to go under a contract
  • Decent Pay


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