HelpDesk & Customized Project Management via Erpnext

Company Name IAC Krishitech, Coimbatore
Job Type Feature Development
Country India
Date February 4, 2021
Status Open


I am seeking an experienced erpnext freelancer for our startup. There are 2 projects urgently needed to be created as additional features in our self hosted erpnext. One a helpdesk and another a customized project management system. If these are successful, we may have more and more gigs on this highly likely in future. Please mail your resumes to the contact provided ( with subject prefix "Erpnext Jobs: ". PS: I had posted earlier, but could not proceed immediately as helpdesk specification was in development. Now helpdesk specification is ready. So I am posting again. Please note, due to urgency, we may soon have to start with whoever bids early and also meeting our expectation. Please do not call the contact provided, instead initially mail your details, and you could whatsapp if needed.


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