Implement Bulk Payment Review Feature

Company Name Noetico.IT
Job Type Feature Development
Country Nigeria
Date June 11, 2019
Status Open


Our Client has requested for a bulk payment module that allows them accomplish some operational capabilities, based on Accounts Payable. Client needs a module where purchases with outstanding payment (Purchase Invoices) can be processed in bulk. A design summary is available with design brief. The objective is to be able to select and sum bulk payments from various suppliers; for organization, overview, validation and approval. It is not required that actual bulk processing be handled by the doctype ie; processing all these payments, but if this is feasible in a timely and efficient/performant way, let us know the additional costs. Primarily, the user should be able to then select an invoice and click a 'Process Payment' button which will load the selected invoice into the payment entry doctype. *Detailed brief is available with design illustrations*


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