Implementation and customisation assistance

Company Name Yorcard Limited
Job Type Customization
Country United Kingdom
Date December 28, 2018
Status Withdrawn


We picked up ERPNext a couple of years ago to specifically help with the main business cycle of quotation, purchase order, invoice. I've done such customisation as has been necessary myself to support approvals and invoice formatting. It's always been a struggle because my learning has been through trial and error. We use the system hosted by ERPNext - we have a test system and a live system. I now want to start using the HR/Employee functions, starting with Leave Management. I have started to investigate the issue, but I don't have time to work it through. So I need someone to help on a part-time basis to implement the functionality required and train the users. We're based in Sheffield. If this first engagement is successful, there is the possibility of tidying up what I have previously hacked about and implementing / customising some additional items.


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