SAAS Implementation partners wanted

Company Name Niches and Riches
Job Type Implementation
Country United States
Date March 29, 2021
Status Open


We have built a cloud hosting infrastructure, and will offer frappe/erpnext based ecommerce solution as a SAAS. We have already done the following: * enhanced frappe/erpnext capacity and performance * developed a progressive web app to work offline * rewritten POS module to load and work without internet * redesigned shopping cart to allow guest checkout, local pickup, shipping methods, and fast bulk order in wholesale * product customization to allow customers to choose pricing rules * barcode generating, label printing and scanning * integration with Xero * integration with Stripe for automatic collection of subscription payment * auto provision of sites with apps installed and modules set up ready to use. This makes the on boarding process less frustrating and less painful for first time users * auto provision of TLS certificates (optional wildcard certificates covering all subdomains) * numerous UX improvements for both developers and users. The majority of clients are located in the US and Australia. The clients will be using the SAAS with minimal custom development. Some coding may be required to customise website/dashboard UI, sync sales orders from their current sales channels, and integrate with logistics providers. We are looking for implementation partners to * help clients to understand the available modules and capabilities * plan data structure * prepare and migrate data * configure progressive web app options * optimise images and folder structure * set up DNS * set up an external email server if necessary * set up the SAAS system together with their accountants * provide customised training to clients. We expect you to * have at least one erpnext implementation under your belt, * strong problem solving skills, * good listener, * can commit some hours, * and can work during normal business hours of either US or Australia. You can work from anywhere in the world not in the US/Australia sanction list. This role has the potential of becoming a founding partner of an energetic company. Please get in touch to introduce yourself, your specialties, and what changes you would like to make to the Frappe/ERPNext code if you have full authority.


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