Media Asset Management App

Company Name Nulight Studios
Job Type App Development
Country United Kingdom
Date July 28, 2020
Status Open


My company digitises and restores archive film. I’m looking for a professional ERPNext developer to build a customised app to track information relating to film and tapes that clients send to us. Summary Create an app to record the receipt and dispatch of each unique media item provided to us by our clients and the specific details associated with those media items. We receive film content in any of the three media types: ● Film (eg, 8mm, 16mm, 35mm) ● Tape (eg, VHS, Digibeta, U-Matic) ● Data Device (eg, hard drive, solid state drive, memory stick) Every media item we receive is treated as unique. Therefore this is not to a product inventory where one barcode relates to many copies of the same product. Instead it is more like a library containing thousands of unique books each with their own unique barcode (or in this case three separate libraries, one for film, one for tape and another for data devices). Requirements The app should allow easy recording of every instance of film, tape and data device, while also satisfying the following criteria: ● The app will need to generate a unique identifier for every new media item we receive. The app should allow this identifier to be printed onto a label as a barcode. [What is state of ​qz-tray integration​ project?] ● If a client sends us the same media item and so already has a barcode attached no new media item record needs to be created. ● The app must include a way to record the receipt and delivery of different batches of media items belonging to a project. ● The app should permit printing of receipt or delivery notes/reports for any given receipt or delivery record. ● All media items and associated data will need to be accessible to other ERPNext apps. This is because future development plans could include linking media items to project tasks, Invoicing, etc. ● Look up fields must be editable and expandable by an admin user ● The app should work on the ERPNext mobile app (Ideally with no need to customise).


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