Migrate Magento Website to ERPNext.com Website

Company Name Leelan
Job Type Implementation
Country India
Date November 14, 2019
Status Open


I have a B2B ecommerce website on Magento 1.9.2. Some of the features on the website is, the customer is restricted from viewing the prices of the products until they signup, after they signup we manually verify their account. Once the account is verified they can view the price, add to cart and checkout. Almost all the products on the website is configurable. One shirt has multiple size and multiple color, at the moment we display the configuration in a table and the customer gets the chance to buy any color and size of their choice. No restrictions on buying complete sets. I do not want to change the url. The website is currently without https so you will be required to manually write 301 redirects for the entire pages indexed. In the future all the items that we add to the item master must reflect on the website and i should be able to add independent images to it. Please email me your quotation at sameer@leelan.com preference to candidate physically accessible in Mumbai.


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