Need an experienced ERPNext developer to solve bugs, customize and develop features

Company Name AppSec Labs
Job Type Customization
Country Israel
Date October 2, 2018
Status Open


Need an experienced ERPNext developer to solve bugs, customize and develop features. Looking for someone that will go long distance with us. Current tasks required: 1. I have a table which is embedded in a document (child table), for instance, the project task table inside the project. In this child table, I created a custom field of type “select”. I have the exact same select field in the task document. Is there a way, I can fetch the values of the select field in the child table, from the values of the select field of the original task document? For example, in our case, we have a select field inside task which is named “Task Type” and its vales are “External” or “Internal”. Is it possible to create the same select field inside the project task table, having the possible values extracted from the task document ? if it is possible, then once I update a value in the select field inside the task, it will be automatically updated in the project task table as well, while current situation is that I need to update the same value to both task and task table. 2. I need to change the following existing fields from int to float: Project.allocated_hours Project Task.allocated_hours Task.allocated_hours 3. We use the following date format: dd-mm-yyyy, for example: 30/08/2017 It also shows like this in all documents. However, it arrives the opposite in all Email alerts, for example: 08/30/2017 I need this fixed and arrives in the same format in Email alerts. Please contact me at: for a price quote. Thanks.


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