POS Customization in Erpnext POS

Company Name Netmanthan
Job Type Customization
Country India
Date November 12, 2019
Status Open


Hi All, My customers required below field in Erpnext POS. Wants add new field in POS view. Field 1. Sales Man Code. (This can be on bill level and item level. Field 2. Redeem Credit Note issued to customer in POS. Field 3. Advance paid by customer to add in Mode of Payment Table in POS. And final Field 4. Disable loyalty points on discounted item or bill. Or add Button to disable and enable for specific Bill in POS I request you to kindly send quotation on jawahar.mallah@netmanthan.com Or call me on 9987305007. Thanks and Regards Jawahar R Mallah Mumbai


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