rental equipment company

Company Name
Job Type Customization
Country Saudi Arabia
Date August 25, 2019
Status Open


We have rental equipment company, our all equipment have different partners, e.g. Truck maybe be have two partners, bom truck maybe have more then 3 partners. We are looking for a custom module/app for our rental department. What we need Daily timesheet of equipment. E.g. if any equipment when on rent its mark as work and for how many days. If its not rented it should mark as parked and no income for that. When equipment is rent out we will create a booking for that. After completion or middle of rental period, we prepare invoice and that invoice get data form timesheet which is marked in booking area. If there are more then one equipment rent out to same customer its automatically calculate profit sharing of partners. Each completed invoice we have option to get report for partners revenue. E.g. if one equipment is rent out for three days and daily we are charging 100 per day its give us total of 300. And if they have three partners its divide 300 in those partners account. Same with expense. We can track every details of booking, where its went what work it had done and who is customer.


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