Training on ERPNext installation and SSL

Company Name TNC
Job Type Training
Country United Arab Emirates
Date October 29, 2019
Status Completed


We have some familiarity with ERPNext but need detailed training on the following topics: 1- Setting up the server environment on the cloud (AWS/Azure/Google/Digitalocean ...etc) 2- Installing ERPNext using easy script 3- Configuring multiple sites 4- Assigning website and Configuring ssl to ERPNext 5- Customizing ERPNext app without coding 6- Customizing the appearance and look of ERPNext 7- Customizing the branding 8- Customizing the print layouts specially for check printing and other things such as invoices and PO 9- Creating custom forms and linking with other forms and modules 10- understanding the transactions flow in the sales and procurement cycles and how every module integrate with each others. 11- Setting-up payment gateways


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