100% Open Source

Unlike other open source business platforms, ERPNext is fully Open Source, because unlike them, we don't think sustainability and open source live at odds.

How ERPNext is Different?

Most open source platforms in the ERP / CRM / E-Commerce space are open core. These communities makes money from closed extensions and services to monetize their efforts. We believe this is not only wrong, but not sustainable. Here are the reasons

Open Core is not really Open Source

Making Open Source Work for You

We know it is hard to make money from open source directly, but we have very high standards. The core maintainers of ERPNext are fully committed to open source and we expect the community to also believe in this core value.

If you are a service provider, there are many creative ways you can make money from ERPNext without diluting the open source imperative.

If you are an end user, don't fall prey to closed extensions, they are a short cut that will ultimately end up costing you a significant more time and money.

Revant Nandgaonkar
Revant Nandgaonkar
"I chose ERPNext over Odoo because ERPNext is Free Software with four essential freedoms. ERPNext also has easy upgrades and migration. It is easy to deploy, backup and restore. And to top it off it, ERPNext is easy to develop with Frappe Framework. "

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Whether you are a user, developer or enthusiast, there are many ways to contribute. Learn how you can contribute to ERPNext