Asset Management Enhancements

Large Enterprises have a large number of assets and they form a large part of their balance sheets. Helping effective management of assets is one of the core features of an Enterprise Grade ERP system.

Serialised Assets

Assets in ERPNext are now integrated with Serial Numbers so that you can directly create Serialised Assets from Purchase Invoices. This is ideal if you are buying large number of assets like laptops or furniture and want to track each asset separately with a Serial Number.

Capital-Work-in-Progress (CWIP) Accounting

With CWIP, you can track assets appear in your books but are not yet deployed. When assets are purchased, the can be held in a placeholder account (CWIP) and the depreciation cycle starts automatically on the day you designate it to come to use.

Multiple depreciation schedule based on finance book

With multiple Finance Books, you can maintain different depreciation schedules for each finance book and ERPNext will automatically book the depreciation expense in the respective date based on its schedule.

Asset Value Adjustment

You can change the value of an asset incase of damage or theft or sale (or partial sale) with a one time entry called Asset Value Adjustment

Improved Asset Movement between location or employee

You can now issue, return and move an Asset along with its Serial Number between locations and employees. This will help you keep track of assets like laptops etc that are issues to employees and at various locations.