Our announcement in the 2017 Conference, that we are planning to launch an in-app listing of products by ERPNext users, is finally coming to life. ERPNext Version 11 will have a free marketplace where any ERPNext user can list their products and be discovered by thousands of other companies using ERPNext.

The marketplace itself will be hosted independently by the ERPNext Foundation, a registered not-for-profit that works towards the improvement of ERPNext.

With the marketplace ERPNext goes beyond a tool to help manage a business, to a tool that also helps you grow your business.

Marketplace Design

The marketplace will be available as an in-app module within ERPNext


Item View

Ability to review, save and contact seller from the Item View

Marketplace Item

Company View

A homepage for every company, with an introduction and showing what items are there in the view.

Marketplace Company

Communicate with Sellers and Buyers

Communicate directly with Sellers and Buyers from within ERPNext