Other New Features

ERPNext Version 11 brings tons of new features in almost every module. Here are some of the highlights:

Loyalty Management

You can manage multiple Loyalty Programs right within EPRNext. Set multiple tiers, define different rules for earning and redemption of points. Keep track of points earned by each customer against each transaction.

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Loyalty Program


ERPNext Version 11 has a first class Subscription management. You can define different Subscription Plans and Subscriptions. ERPNext will automatically create invoices based on the billing frequency and period.

Shareholder Management

Keep track of all Shareholders and Shareholder transactions right within ERPNext. Track Share Transfers between Shareholders and automatically calculate dividend based on the Shareholding pattern.

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Production Plan and Job Card

Split Work Orders into individual Job Cards that can be issued per Workstation. Transfer material from one workstation to other based on the Product Routing and keep track of inventory at the workstation level.

Job Cards is planned to be merged soon into Version 11

Updated Timesheets

Timesheets have now been updated with a timer, so you can simply hit the "Start" and "Stop" buttons to track time.

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Timers in Timesheets


ERPNext Version 11 has a host of new integrations that work out-of-the-box including:

  1. Stripe Payment Gateway Integration
  2. Braintree Payment Gateway Integration
  3. Woocommerce Order Sync
  4. Amazon MWS Order Sync
  5. Updated Shopify Order Sync


ERPNext Version 11 also brings enhancements to various localizations including:

  1. Additional reports for GST for India.
  2. Immutable Ledger posting for France.

Update Qty After Submit

You will now be able to update the Sales or Purchase Order quantity after submitted an order, if the item has not been delivered or billed. No need to cancel downstream transactions and re-submit them.