These terms apply if you choose to become an ERPNext Open Source Software Foundation (EOSSF).

  1. The period of membership is 1 year. You have to renew it every year to continue your association.
  2. The membership fee is non refundable.
  3. As a part of the membership, you will be acknowledged as an supporter of EOSSF and get premium listing on the website.
  4. The membership does not guarantee you a listing. If you / your company is found using the listing in an improper manner, like spreading false information, using your membership to represent the organization without authorization, then EOSSF has the right to cancel your listing.
  5. As a member you will get access to leads, jobs listing on the community portal. You are required not to resell this information, send inappropriate (spam) emails to the persons posting jobs.
  6. Brand: If you are a member, you can use your membership in your website / other marketing material as "ERPNext Supporter" along with your membership grade. The membership does not entitle you to use the ERPNext brand in a way that you are an official representative.
  7. As a member you will have the opportunity to participate in various committees. These committees will be invite only and you are expected to contribute your time and expertise if you want to remain a participant of the committee.
  8. The membership does not give you any decision making right on the foundation unless you are a member of a committee.

If you have questions, please feel to email us at foundation@erpnext.org